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LightPhase Back Help

Postby Rgamezphoto » Wed May 04, 2005 8:44 pm

HELP! Im having problems with my lightphase back that i just aquired. I cant find any support on it on the site. The oldent model I can find is the H5. Can any one help. My problem it that the C1 v.3.5 software detects the camera and says its ready but when I realease the shutter on the Hassie 501cm the image isnt tranfered to the computer. Nothing shows up. The lights blink on the digital back but no image is displayed nor is there any activity of anything downloaded. If you can please give me some advice to get this problem fixed asap, I need it for a job, thanks for your help everyone,
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Postby Ulf » Fri May 06, 2005 10:16 am

H5 and Lightphase is basically the same camera (small differences depending on generation of Lightphase)
Here is the getting started for Lightphase ... july01.pdf
Ignore the software part if you are using a application version higher then 2.9.2.
My best guess is one out of two things, i presume you are using a Hassleblad V.

1. You have no sync cable between lens and the camera back (See getting started 11.4 to 11.6)
2. You do not get a wake up from the camera body.
If you take of the back and look at the film plane on the hasselblad body, wind it up and press shutter and hold it in, in the bottom right corner a silver pin should pop out. Make sure the pin is no oxidized, in other words make sure it is silver coloured, use a silver marker or simply polish it clean.
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