DP-67 Coiled Cable - Valeo Backs

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DP-67 Coiled Cable - Valeo Backs

Postby steven_jacobs_englund » Wed Sep 25, 2019 11:19 pm

Does any active user out there actually own the coiled cable that connects the Valeo backs to HP IPAQ? It's similar to an ethernet RJ45 on one end and a 24 pin cell phone type / PDA serial port on the other end.

Here is a link to what was probably the last one ever sold on the internet: https://www.profilmdirect.co.uk/hp-ipac ... 3454-p.asp

I am going to build my own DP-67 cable out of an RJ45 cord and IPAQ serial-to-usb cord BUT I need to know the pin outs. It looks like the DP-67 uses these pins of the RJ45 head: 2, 4, 5, 7.

Here is a pinout for the 24 pin serial port: https://s3.manualzz.com/store/data/0289 ... 04e031.png However, I don't know which four pins I need to use. My guess is: VBUS, D+_HHS, D-_HHS, GND ... but that is a totally wild guess.

I have an IPAQ 210 and WiView and the "DP-67 software", confusingly named the same exact thing as the cable :evil:

I am aware some Valeo backs (including my 22wi) have BlueTooth. However, in order for the BlueTooth to broadcast, a digital magazine must be plugged into the back. And in order to configure the DIY digital magazine that I built, I need the DP-67 cable.

Any light on this subject will help, or an actual DP-67 cable out there I could borrow would be MONUMENTAL and would breathe a little life into these Valeo backs.
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Re: DP-67 Coiled Cable - Valeo Backs

Postby NNN636428239815239082 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:16 am

I know this is a rather old post but other leads have run dry...

Have you managed to find a solution?

I have a 22wi and can't find a way to get the bluetooth working.
I have a phase one DF with Valeo 22wi and dm-20gb. I van use it as a film back with no problem but no bluetooth and no digital proof... As possible digital proof i have a ipaq hx4700 with wiview

Ant help is appreciated!
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