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scan lines with PowerPhase FX and compact fluorescent lights

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 8:06 am
by b1free
Can anyone advise how to get rid of pale periodic scan lines (i.e., a raster pattern in the scan direction) using a PowerPhase FX under illumination with 4 giant compact fluorescent tubes (240V; 50Hz; 150W; 1300mA)?
The raster pattern is not seen with tungsten lighting and is not due to dirt on the sensor.
Is there an electrical method of getting rid of the interaction between the CF tubes and the PowerPhase FX?
The rastor lines are quite pale and they only show up copying delicate art like drawings and watercolours but they are really annoying. I swtiched to CF illumination because the 4x800W tungsten lights for copying heated the room up and made the vacuum easel expand thermally during the long PowerPhase scan, thereby moving the object out of focus.
Would appreciate any advice or suggestions on lighting for copy work.