Sharpening Suggestion

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Sharpening Suggestion

Postby NNN634412530174363328 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:35 pm


I'm primarily a fabric shooter. My accounts are bedding, home soft-goods such as curtains, pillows etc, and clothing.
I do also shoot quite a bit of furniture, so wood is on my list too.

I'm running CO 9 with a Leaf Aptus II on a Hassy 500. I also shoot with Nikons and several other older leaf backs on small view cameras, but my question is really about Capture One 9 and it's relationship with my Aptus II back. (probably not important but just incase I threw that in)

When I previously used the Leaf software, it defaulted to a sharpening amount/radius/threshold that I found quite pleasing and never needed to change.

I've noticed that the Capture One software also defaults the sharpening to a set amount/radius/threshold.

My question is, is that sharpening decision something that the software and the leaf back are working on together or is this what Capture One ( suggests to use?
I'm finding that the amount always needs to be increased. Do you have any suggestions that I might use to obtain better results?

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