H25 mirror lock up problem

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H25 mirror lock up problem

Postby chuchifrito » Sun Nov 26, 2006 5:21 pm


I have found one other post regarding this issue, however, the question wasn't resolved:
I am using a Mamiya RZ Pro II with an H25 back with CaptureOne DB 3.7.4. I am able to shoot with a cable release in the lens and I am able to trigger the camera directly from the computer (Mac G4 Powerbook). However, I am not able to shoot by pressing the shutter release button on the camera. I get \"error message -1\" telling me to enable \"mirror lock up in the camera control panel\". My shutter speed is 1/250 and I want to hand hold the camera. Camera power mode is set to \"Ultra Low\".

Any help is appreciated

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