Aptus 22 on manual custom cameras?

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Aptus 22 on manual custom cameras?

Postby over » Wed Dec 19, 2018 12:26 am

We just bought a aptus leaf 22 back, and we are planning to make a custom camera to suite our needs.
Right now we are interested on something quite portable for architecture and street photography.
We are doing some test with a custom back on a IBSOR DRP bellows pocket folding camera.
Creating the adapter was feasable, it's a little rough but it works, we can hold the pack single handed and work with it.
But since we are quite new to digital backs we are totally baffled by the shutter and release of the leaf.
We were trying to use an old canon intervalometre comected to the 2.5mm jack for the flash sync on the back, but so far even thou once pressed it fire the shot, there is no telling when it's going to (if ever) stop capturing, so even thou we are controling the shutter speed on camera, there is no easy way to sync both.
Right now any realese mechanism which allowed shutter speed would be awesome, but later on we would love to create timelapse with the set, so some type of intervalometre would be great
Any help, or just a push on the right (and most likely obvious) solution would be greatly appreciated.
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