Leaf Aptus 22 fails to tether

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Leaf Aptus 22 fails to tether

Postby NNN636030146547511637 » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:09 pm

I have a pair of Leaf Aptus 22's for use with a Mamiya 645AFd and both displayed "Insert CF card" when powered either via battery or firewire. I replaced the battery in both, finding them dead-with new cr-1220 buttons. Running Capture 11 on a core2duo Imac it fails to see the camera when attached via the firewire cord, is there a reset procedure that I possibly skipped after replacing the internal battery? Rebooting with a CF inserted generates a "insert CF card" message, removing the CF it reboots and re-inserting the camera and setup enables, but the shoot menu is grayed. The camera shutter will fire once then goes dead. Any one remembers the proper way to reboot or upgrade the firmware when it doesn't tether when connected? (New firewire cable)
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