quote of a Leaf Valeo 22Wi

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quote of a Leaf Valeo 22Wi

Postby NN635389687044794678UL » Thu Jul 10, 2014 6:39 pm

Hi all,
I would like to ask you for an advice about a quote of a Leaf Valeo 22Wi digital back. The digital back comes from an 645AFD and it's not provided with battery, cables, charger, neither box, optionals etc.
I've got to try it combined with a RZ67Proll and it's fully functional. Considering that it's old and used and it only works through Firewire with an obsolete software, does it still have a real market value?
Of course it has a really high image quality despite the years and it will be more than enough for me.
Unfortunately, the importer doesn't want to give me a quote, so I ask you for help .
Many thanks in advance to all for your support!!
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Re: quote of a Leaf Valeo 22Wi

Postby PhaseoneUser55657 » Fri Jul 11, 2014 2:23 am

I can say what I paid for a 22wi back about 3 years ago. The back, cables and 20Gig DM, I paid about $2000 for. I had the 645AFD, as I used it with film.

Almost immediately updated to the 645AFDIII (⅓ stop settings), also added WindowsCE device to control the device, when un-tethered, (99% of the time). In terms of RAW editors, Aperture and LR would read the raw files, and CO7 would if first converted to DNG (have not tried latest version). During the time I used it it saw about 20K pictures.

As of now, it sits in a box, and not used for about 2 years. For what I need, the unit was to slow, reasonable ISO was to low, (Not to bad in a studio with strobes, but just about anything else forget it). I like shooting people and you loose a lot of rhythm, as the back takes so long once the buffer was full. (Ok 8 shots at 1 second each, the 30 seconds while it wrote those to the DM, kinda kills the flow).

As of now, I would not pay more than about $1000 for one. I would go for at Aptus-II or P25+, far better, can be used with out being tethered, a far lot easier.

(P.S. see a 17wi with the DM on ebay for $3400, I think the guy is crazy, I would sell my whole kit for less then that).

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