Leaf Cantare problem

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Leaf Cantare problem

Postby NNN635257406464484174 » Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:20 pm


Recently I have bought a Leaf Cantare, i'm very happy with it.
I used it a view times and I was suprised by its quality.
But there's a little problem. I took me long to find out what it was, the computer; the software, the cable that go's in the power supply, the sync contact on my lens...?
After af few hours I discouvered that the connector which goes in the back (looks like ethernet/ phone connector) to the sync contact on my lens has a problem. It's only working when I push it deep in the digital back. The connectors look allright as far as I can see.

Maybe there is something broke in the cable.. Or maybe in back where it goes in...?
Are these cables made for more camera's and how are they called? Does anybody know where I can get one.

Or is it possible to open de digital back to see if there is something wrong whit the socket? I think it should not be so difficult to repair...

Hope you experts can help me!

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Re: Leaf Cantare problem

Postby yaya » Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:40 pm

Since we no longer support the Cantare/ Volare line, your best chance is to contact a few of our partners and see if anyone has a "box with old parts" and see if they can help with replacement bits. I would start with the sync cable.



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