Phase One LightPhase and Mamiya RZ67Pro II tethering problem

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Phase One LightPhase and Mamiya RZ67Pro II tethering problem

Postby NN635055408914163547UL » Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:08 am

In Capture One 6.0 (Mac Lion OSX 10.7.5), I just hooked up a Mamiya RZ67 ProII with a Phase One LightPhase digital back, I finally was able to see "Phase One LightPhase" as the camera in the software by enabling "Hot Folder". Before that it didn't recognize the camera or the digital back, it was always "No camera attached". It's my first time using this tethered digital setup. Now that the digital back is showing as my camera, I still don't see anything. The Live View keeps giving me that "selected camera does not support live view". Anyone knows what I'm missing or what I'm doing wrong?

I know there has been a setup exactly like this before, (RZ67 ProII, Phase One LightPhase, Capture one and a Macbook), I just couldn't remember the website or the page I saw this setup from. Will really appreciate any help.

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Re: Phase One LightPhase and Mamiya RZ67Pro II tethering problem

Postby Ulf » Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:44 am


First of all the Lightphase does not support live view.

But tethered shooting should be fine.
If capture one "sees" the camera you should be ready for capture.
Make sure cables are connected correctly. See this KB.
It is the bottom one you should be using ... nguageid=1
and this: ... nguageid=1
Also make sure you have a fresh battery in the RZ camera body.
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