Phase H20 on 500ELD & 40mm lens

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Phase H20 on 500ELD & 40mm lens

Postby eavesphoto » Sat Nov 12, 2005 11:36 pm

Greeting all,
Has anyone had a problem the a Hass ELD, H25 and a hassy 40mm. I shoot interiors and sometimes need long exposures. Every other lens has no problem. Mirror up or down same result but only with a 40mm. No exposures longer than sometimes 1 sec.
When shooting with that combo On a the bulb setting I get a currupt looking file. In the middle of the exporsure the file starts transmiting., eventhough the shutter is still open. I've tried 3 different 40mm lenses and 1 works properly at 1 sec, all other speeds work, \"B\" dosen't .

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