Error by transfering key words from MEM to Bridge CS5

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Error by transfering key words from MEM to Bridge CS5

Postby NNN634885843198207275 » Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:19 pm

Hi there!
I have a few MEM-catalogues with a lot of pictures in it. My employer wanted me to set up a new DAM-software, and i decided to test Adobe Bridge CS5. First, it was easy, because almost all keywords were automatically transferred from MEM to Bridge. But then, many pictures failed to accept the keywords i alloted to them - Bridge keeps saying, that there is an error and it`s impossible to write the data on the picture. i thought, maybe there is a write protection on the pictures, but it isn`t, as long as i was searching for. The funny thing is, regarding those pictures, Bridge transferred half of the keywords from MEM by ignoring the second half of them - that`s why i wanted to add a few words...

So, if you heard of any similar problems like that, please help me! There are a lot of pictures, which i can`t inscribe, and I have no idea what to do. Maybe there IS a write protection on that pictures and i'm just unable to find the button to deactive it...?

Best regards,
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Re: Error by transfering key words from MEM to Bridge CS5

Postby rmoorlag » Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:33 pm

Hello Andy,

First: Bridge is no DAM, it's a browser. Lightroom would be more logic in my opnion.
Second: Bridge will show you the keywords that are synchronised into the picture only. It's important to know the difference because in a DAM it's possible to keep meta data 'private'. This meens; in it's database only.

When i'm in Expression Media and adding keywords to images, these keywords are not attached automaticaly to the image. I have to do this by synchronizing them. Is it possible this action not took place wiht the 'half of your keywords'?

You could check this by picking out one picture with missing keywords. Open it in EM and synchronise the keywords. After this, check it existence in Bridge.

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