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the new paradigm

Postby NNN634418793045645718 » Fri Jun 17, 2011 2:15 pm

I have been using iview/EM for years and its ease of use and substantial feature sets have always suited my needs. Now that PhaseOne has taken over, an announcement has been made that from now on only image files will be supported. This I find deplorable as I use MP for many different file types, including ai, eps, pdf and indd as well as image files.

Various vector formats are still supported for import which is fine. However, venturing into metadata is a no go - it simply doesn't work. What I want is a way to import the metadata from an Illustrator CS5 file into MP. The Adobe XMP format is supposed to be supported, but why not from Illustrator files? The formats used are identical to those from Photoshop.

A catalog program supporting only photographic images is of no use to me, not that there is a whole lot of software out there that does that... Please, do not leave the more versatile users in the dust...
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Re: the new paradigm

Postby Raffi3 » Tue Sep 20, 2011 8:12 pm

I completely agree. Anyone using this gear along with a digital back or not is hoping to use it to make ther living/profession out of it.... WE DO USE Ai, eps, InDesign, PDF, etc files to make our living at some point in our process. Doing this you just cater to the Fine art print making photogaphers. Helloooo... what do production studio's do?

I have devoted a good chare of my time to keep the forums notified of my findings and adjustments to make it smoother in MediPro, because I know it will help me and many users in the long run. We are investing our time as we trouble shoot the software. Why not have some custom codecs written in house, or refer to developers that can do this?

Well, I really wouldn't be posting much if things were working smoothly and other aspects weren't crippled and choppy, but it is, and until and update that can smooth out most of the important kinks, I guess we can demand for what was originally suported.

If that update doesn't do some wonders for Windows users, with some nice and smart streamlining of panels and interface, and the core engine how Image Editor handles files (Since Peter's tutorial videos on the MAC sure look like they are trouble free), it would be a pivotal point.
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