V-Grip Air doesn't work correctly with 645DF+ body

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V-Grip Air doesn't work correctly with 645DF+ body

Postby Andrey » Fri Mar 30, 2018 5:23 pm

When I press the shutter release button on the V-Grip there is no "half-pressed" state: while I’m pressing, at certain moment the camera does autofocus and then IMMEDIATELY fires the shutter. No way to AF and recompose.

Shutter release button on the main camera body works normally.

The problem doesn’t arise with the older 645DF (no plus) body. (The same digital back, the same lens, the same power source.)

Is there a way to mate the V-Grip Air and 645DF+ body?

Serial numbers:
Mamiya V-Grip Air: GANC3061
Phase One 645DF: PJ001715
Phase One 645DF+: PX001660 (bought new from Phase One dealer in Sep 2016)

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