Flash signal sometimes gets triggered while focussing

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Flash signal sometimes gets triggered while focussing

Postby C-M-B » Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:26 am


I noticed that every few hundred photos or so my PhaseOne 645DF+ cameras trigger the flash during focussing (especially with MF lenses like the Mamiya 120mm Macro AF MF).
First I thought this was due to a faulty flash transmitter, then I switched system from Elinchrom to Profoto but it keeps occurring. Then I thought the camera might be faulty but a few weeks ago I got a second 645DF+ as a backup and it too shows the same issue.

This happens with both the PC sync port and the hot shoe. And although I haven't had any major troubles caused by this (no photos lost), it's still quite annoying and I'd rather not have to wait another few seconds until the flash head is fully charged again.

Is there anyone else who experiences the same thing or maybe even found a solution? Could it be caused by a custom setting of the camera/back?
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Re: Flash signal sometimes gets triggered while focussing

Postby sinar » Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:20 pm

I have had the same issue, but with all the quirks of the DF or DF+ you start to get used to it and accept it as one of the many inherent faults that come with this series of cameras.
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