trouble with 75-150 AF 4.5 since 645DF+ firmware update

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trouble with 75-150 AF 4.5 since 645DF+ firmware update

Postby NNN634609351904812794 » Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:44 am


I have recently updated both my 645DF+ and IQ180 to latest firmwares.

Since the update, when mounting my Mamiya Sekor D 75-150 AF 4.5 the camera hangs from time to time, the AF work until the camera hangs for the first time, then no more AF. And last but not least, it's impossible to set F. the display only shows: --

The camera works flawlessly with all my other lenses.

Did I miss something ? is there an adjustment to be made through the 645+'s menu ?
Is it possible to update the zoom's firmware through the V grip air ? according to my assistant that may fix the issue, but we couldn't communicate with the lens using the Firmware Updater 3.3.2
Or should I downgrade my IQ & 645DF+ firmwares to previous versions ? that would be odd.

Thank you for your help
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