buying into MF - seeking feedback for various options

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buying into MF - seeking feedback for various options

Postby Tim Hufnagl » Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:54 pm

hi there,

due to numerous customer requests i'm the market for digital MF. i've been doing quite some research and would have some questions to the experienced MF users, esp in the industry/architecture field...

- would you get a full system right away (back, body, lenses) or be going by parts, e.g. DF+ (mamyia) + lenses and renting the back while waiting for a good used option coming up? right now i could get a Mamiya DF+ and a 80m/2.8 LS schneider lens for 2K EUR as a starting point...

- looking at the available options for architectural work i can only find the 50mm mamiya TS lens, which even with the full frame (no crop factor) sensors is still too long for architecture. what is your solution? buying into a technical camera with DB mount?

- i'm also looking at various hasselblad options. any real world tips on why you jumped ships and/or are using both systems?

- are there any major differences in bodies when comparing mamyia and PO? i get the drift on the DB's, but to me the choice of bodies seems equal...

thanks for your feedback,
Tim Hufnagl
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