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Profoto Air Sync

PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 2:36 am
by NNN635123934527950155

I am new to flash photography on the 645DF+ platform and have a few questions regarding wireless flash sync and TTL flash metering. I have been using the camera for over a year (awesome!), always in ambient light, so I am familiar with the operation of the system, just not with flash.

- I am considering the purchase of a Profoto Air Remote to use with Profoto B1 off camera flashes. I am assuming that this combination will give me full TTL flash metering with the 645DF+. Is this correct?

- For proper flash synching and TTL, should I shoot in X mode or can I shoot in any camera mode (Av, Tv, manual)?



Re: Profoto Air Sync

PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:15 pm
by PhaseoneUser55657
I think the only flash that supports TTL is the Metz 54MZ series of speed lites with the correct adaptor, (SCA 3952). I don't know of any other TTL flash system for the 645DF platform. I have the Metz platform, and actually never been happy with the TTL setup, one I hate the flash on the camera, and have not seen any kinda remote TTL setup for it, and it always seems like I just can never get the pictures to look natural. So I always do Manual, and use a light meter. (the 645DF+ may be better, I have an 645AFIII).

The ProPhoto Air will do manual only. It is just the Air Remote will give you the ability to adjust the flash power from the remote. (NO TTL). I think some studio strobe companies are coming out with TTL version of their strobes, but never seen or heard of them doing it for anybody but Canon and Nikon.

Sync Speed, if you use Leaf Shutter Lenses, then I believe 1/800 is available, and 1/1600 is available under some instances. (See your dealer for details) If you use non-leaf shutter lenses, where you need to use the focal plane shutter, then yes you are limited to 1/125.

So shooting with the Profoto B1's you are going to be shooting in Manual, X mode will work, but I don't know if it is smart enough to know if you have a Leaf-Shutter Lens and allow you to adjust the shutter speed. I believe X mode just locks the shutter speed to 1/125. So if you have a Leaf-Shutter lens and want a shutter speed > 1/125, then manual will be required. There is little difference between X mode and Manual except for the locked shutter speed.

To put it simply, remember when shooting with Studio stobes, you aperture and light power handle your exposure on the subject. The shutter speed controls the ambient light exposure. As the strobe light pulse is usually between 1/1000 and 1/20000 of a second, that is what stops the motion and does the exposure. If you were to shoot in a Dark room, you would see little difference between shooting at 1/800 and 1/60, now as the room gets brighter you would start to see the ambient light fill everything in.


Re: Profoto Air Sync

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 5:12 pm
by NNN635123934527950155
Thanks very much for the informative reply, Robert.

I was under the impression that the B1 and Profoto AirSync would
give me TTL on my 645DF+, but perhaps not. I am comfortable going with manual, but would prefer TTL.

I'll go visit my dealer to see what he suggests.

Thanks again.