Issues after 645DF+ firmware upgrade

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Issues after 645DF+ firmware upgrade

Postby NNN635079255456554315 » Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:30 pm

Hello all,

I have seen some others on this forum who have seen issues with their Phase One 645DF+ after the latest upgrade.

I took my camera to the dealer for the upgrade as I do not have a V-grip (and I wanted to try the iQ250 and some lenses). After the 1st attempt the mirror refused to descend. He did it a 2nd time, and then autofocus did not work neither could I trigger a shot. After the 3rd attempt everything seemed fine.

Until I took it to a shoot. Every 5 to 30 shots one (or more) of the following then happens (in manual mode):
- focusing screen goes black, the message error cap followed shortly by error dB appears, screen remains black (i.e. mirror does not descend).
- autofocus does not work
- cannot trigger a shot
- I cannot see diaphragm value anymore (in the viewfinder or on the camera info screen), it shows f--
- everything just freezes, even trying to power off the camera does not function
The only way to get the system working again is to remove the battery of both the back (P40+) and camera body (but if I can power off the camera, then this does not work either: I need to remove the camera battery by having the lever on S or C)

Back: P40+ firmware version 5.2.2
Camera: 645DF+ firmware version 2.2.7
Lens: LS 80mm SK

I guess, best is to take it to the dealer. But I wanted to share in case other have it too. Before the camera body firmware upgrade, the system worked fine, all the time, every time.

Best, DH
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