TTL Issue with 645DF+ and the Metz 54 MZ4i digital

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TTL Issue with 645DF+ and the Metz 54 MZ4i digital

Postby klickschick » Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:22 am

I use the Phase One (Metz) SCA Adapter for it.
Flash was used former with Hasselblad H3Dii and H1 with P30 until the Update to the 645DF+ with IQ160 an several SK lenses last month. In the combination with the Habla all was fine.

Problem: the Metz flashes always in full power and so all pictures are overexposed. By the way same issue with a Metz 50 MZ5 on this Camera

645DF+: 7.22
IQ160: 5.11.36

Metz was set to TTL Mode. Metz gets correct datas from the Camera (ISO, Lens, Apperture)

Camera Adjustments where reset several times (via CF Mode and pressing (+/-) long time)
Flash Adjustments also resets several times with pressing mode button long time.

Same Issue with my Metz 54MZ4i digital on the 645DF+ incl. IQ260 (same firmware releases) of my PO Sales Man

Anyone here with same issue and a solution for it ??

Thx for help.


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