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Tier one repair

PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2014 8:02 pm
by neilkirby
I have been struggling with an intermittent error where the 645DF fires, flashes deploy -but no exposure is present on the capture. It seems that the mirror lift return unit has been in the process of failing. However through firmware updates on the back and body it seemed to recover then deteriorate again till the point of where I sit today with the mirror locked up and everything inert. Through fault logs back and forth to Jesper (who's been pretty awesome on troubleshooting suggestions) it would appear it needs to take trip back to Copenhagen.

The newly appointed Agents in South Africa (from whom I didn't purchase this equipment) gave me the following information...

"Hi Neil
This is a Tier1 repair at R9000.00 excluding VAT.I need you approve this before getting a RMA.

Now R9000 is currently 4754,86DK which sounds like an awful lot of currency to part with here - especially when we don't even know the exact problem. Is there some boilerplate repair fee that fits all problems? Possibly this my frugal Scottish heritage showing - but repairing a mirror return mechanism should not cost nearly a quarter the value of a new camera should it?

Please tell me there is some mistake here.


Re: Tier one repair

PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2014 8:26 am
by Drew
Hi Neil,
Looking into your case it seems that perhaps not everything has been thoroughly explained.
The repair for Camera Bodies is Tiered, the top tier (which is what you have been quoted) is the highest cost and replaces all mechanical components in the camera body.
The error that was reported for your camera is Mechanical in nature, related to the Mirror (which is connected to the shutter mechanism). It is possible a lower repair fee will get the job done but without the camera body in the hands of a repair center they can only guess. Typically when a mechanical repair is done on an older camera (3 Years), we replace everything (shutter, winder, mirror linkage, etc) to ensure longevity of the repair and an even wear on the components.
So, again, that figure that you've received is a "worst case scenario" figure, covering any and all possible repairs. It may be less but it is certainly better to quote high and surprise you with a lower cost than the other way around. If your camera comes in and is in pristine condition other than one simple part, we'll replace just that and charge accordingly.

Re: Tier one repair

PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2014 3:14 pm
by neilkirby
Hi Drew
As you correctly guessed, I was ignorant as to what was actually going to be happening repair wise. Your logic of replacing everything while the camera is being attended to does make sense. And whilst it is still a huge expense, is it more palatable knowing there is a major overhaul going on in there. And should the full overhaul not be required, all the better. And this, hopefully will last the useful life of the camera.... fingers crossed
Thanks for clearing this up