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Camera control

Postby Mobyfoto » Thu Mar 20, 2014 1:46 am

I would like to control my camera from my MacBook Pro laptop running os10.8.5 with C1 pro v7.1.6.34
When I connect my PhaseOne DF body through a PhaseOne P45+ digital back via firewire It will download images to the capture folder but I can not change any settings such as shutter, aperture ect. from the laptop... it is grayed out. I'm sure its probably user error but any advise is appreciated.
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Re: Camera control

Postby Drew » Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:28 am

This is not possible with the older camera backs. The newer generation IQ units, and even the last version of the P+ units (P40+/P65+) do have the ability to speak directly to the camera, so camera controls are available. Unfortunately the older technology of your P45+ (2006/2007 release) can not facilitate this.
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Re: Camera control

Postby NN8845712 » Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:03 am

It's not even possible with all current camera's.
I have had issues since the date of purchase with getting an aptus II 8 and df kit to even function reliably with capture one db.
There is a long and sordid paper trail detailing this, Leaf's eventual answer after nearly a year was to revert back to old versions of the firmware.
I can still not fire the camera from within capture one db without the system crashing requiring batteries out, reset aptus II 8 to factory settings etc.

I believe this support case has been reopened, but it was closed prior to that with advice being you've got a functioning camera, climb up a ladder and press the trigger.
I'm sure if I bought a car with air con that didn't work the dealer would not say wind down the windows.

I could carry on and berate the level of customer service, support, reliability, functionality but whats the point. I thought I 'd spent N.Z$31k on a premium camera system. Not.. And with the discontinuation of the aptus II line looming I can only lie awake at night thinking why oh why did I buy an aptus II 8 - oh yeah it was cost and now I see they are discounting credo 40 at a price less than what I paid for the aptus II 8. joy oh joy, investment ha.

anyway don't stress, no one can hear you stress.
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