Tilt Shift on a DF

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Tilt Shift on a DF

Postby Steve Karr Teching » Fri Feb 28, 2014 8:02 pm

Hey everyone,
I have a DF+ & a IQ180 but have the need to shoot little PC boards about the size of your thumb nail in perspective. I have 3 ext tubes but it doesn't work very well and I really need view camera movements.

Any experience with the tilt/shift lens for the Phase with a diaopter (Schneider 120mm PC TS) or and other ideas?

I need to rent as it a reg client but I don't want to buy right now.

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Re: Tilt Shift on a DF

Postby flashsplash » Sat Mar 01, 2014 8:45 am

Hi Steve,

The affordable or alternate solution is a view camera, there are many of them on the market for very low prices . Most of them were used with film. The good thing is that for most of them , you can buy a PO adaptor plate, so that you can mount your back. You will need a two step wake/capture cable. I have converted a Cambo and it works perfect.

The analogue tailored lenses that come with most of them can not resolve the amount of lines you would really need for a digital sensor. In general that has not been an issue for me, since I take 9 shots and for each an LCC correction by moving my back up-down, left-right. (20mm in each direction). Of course that is for large buildings and not miniature boards.

For your work as I read it , you want to have the focal plane Not parallel to the lens and sensor plane. That leads unavoidable to a Tilt method. Those lenses are expensive or you could rent it, however with a TC (Technical Camera with bellow) you can achieve that without a TS lens. If the analogue lens does not cutt it in terms of resolution, then you can replace the lens with a digital version.

This is what it costed me:
1. TC Cambo with Rodenstock lens in perfect condition : 2000 euro
2. One PO adapterplate (for the DB mount): 900 euro
3. One dual action wake/capture cord: 24 euro

Of course you could get the real stuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNNZ_-6GE4M. Renting is always an option, although I never do. I consider it lost money. :D

Although the rental cost is about 60 euro/day with my service center, it takes me four hours to get it and back.
So in essence that is already 300 euro , if I add fuel / wear and tear the rental is adding quickly to 400 Euro. And I have to make a reservation for the lens as they only have one.

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