Warning: Schneider LS lenses are not suited for serious use.

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Re: Warning: Schneider LS lenses are not suited for serious use.

Postby David Cohen de Lara » Sat May 23, 2015 10:42 pm


I've stopped using the leaf shutters in all my LS lenses after my previous post in this thread. Today my 110mm's aperture blades locked up again during a shoot. That same lens has already been back to Phase One twice and had its entire shutter mechanism replaced at least one of those times. I'm pretty sure the lens has less than 50K clicks on it and the shutter has probably zero.
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Re: Warning: Schneider LS lenses are not suited for serious use.

Postby BOO » Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:19 pm

Hello David, I don't know if you remember but we did the Phase One certification together...

Frankly, working as a tech in Paris, unfortunately I can not do anything else but confirm that Phase One has become less and less reliable lately... Although, I have to admit that I haven't had so many problems as you did with the lenses... Just a few but not that often, and I do use very often the lenses... So I wonder really if you have had a lot of bad luck, because I know you would be careful with your gear.
But for the bodies... My god, so many problems, fw800 ports burnt, shutters broken, batteries, the digital companies which I am working with are having hard times, and of course, especially after the expiration of the warranty period...
It really seems that these bodies were not built right, and not designed to last more than 2 years shooting...
It's true that we do use these bodies a lot, but still at that price the quality of construction should be much better...

Let's wait the new phase one camera xf next week and see how it goes... And the good news is that there is this time a 5 years warranty...
Hopefully this body will be at the right level of professional gear that we are expecting... For now, I am sorry but all the Hasselblad gear has become much more reliable, especially with the H4X, that I recommend to my customers if we need a reliable and endurant camera for Fashion purposes...

I think that probably the new Phase One camera built properly by Phase One and not by Mamiya, should be better?
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Re: Warning: Schneider LS lenses are not suited for serious use.

Postby valdormar » Tue Oct 06, 2015 7:20 pm

NN635506188296647066UL wrote:My suggestion is similar to the above.
Just turn off the Leaf Shutter until you absolutely need it, and use the DF Body's focal plane shutter instead.
Leaf Shutters are complex parts, not durable,

I would disagree 100%, I have used real leaf shutter lenses for over 30 years and have never had any issues at all. The issue here is the weak, cheap, low quality built leaf shutters that are being produced by Schneider. This entire thread is sad, everyone wants to talk around the issue, the issue being we are all buying flawed cheap crap. They see us coming.
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Re: Warning: Schneider LS lenses are not suited for serious use.

Postby Phil CristalColors » Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:35 pm

When reading all of this and considering the many issues I had myself with PhaseOne the most suprising thing is to see how PhaseOne replies. They are professional and serious companies and others unprofessional and commercially not honnest, I let you draw your own conclusion, on my side it is clear enough !
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Re: Warning: Schneider LS lenses are not suited for serious use.

Postby john2432 » Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:58 am

I think the main problem today is that accountants are determining the quality of a product. Any opportunity to save pennies to increase profit regardless of past reputations for quality or consumer loyalty, is the norm now. I personally have noticed a huge shift in quality of product since upgrading (feels more like downgrading) from a P system to the IQ backs and Phase One bodies. I've recently had a £2000.00 Plus repair bill for a just out of warranty IQ back, where a chip failed (no moving parts or access). Of course another indicator of quality control was when I received the kit (Direct from PhaseOne Denmark) both the back and body were well out of date for firmware and software. Sadly I had not purchased the £700.00 V grip adaptor to update the body, so an extra expense added there. I could go on and on about the numerous failures, lock ups and issues regarding the system, but I think it boils down to a general lack of pride and care in ones product these days. The bean counters rule it would seem. After one of my many system failures during a shoot, I don't turn to the client and say " Well, we're going to run into overtime now, so I'll have to charge you extra". Or "Seriously this DSLR will do just as good a job"
No!! I'd rather lose money on the job, offer a discount to offset the aggravation, or some other incentive to my clients to show I care about them, and the quality of work I deliver. I've been using PhaseOne for over 16 years, starting with a 'H' back.

Has anyone else experienced or noticed a shift in quality and customer care.
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