Still waiting for full camera controll in C1...

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Still waiting for full camera controll in C1...

Postby Sveinung1 » Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:21 am

I am quite dissapointed about the progress in the firmware updates on the 645DF-body (now version 1.55).
It is still not possible to controll the EV adjustment from C1. It works with my Canon MII and MIII...
I have been patiently waiting for the update that makes my camera work like it should have done from the start. Bought my camera in december 2011.
I still have problems with mirror-lockup or "camera freeze" at least once per day of shooting. Often four or five times during a day. I have to remove the battery to "wake up" the camera again. VERY ANOYING!

A new problem since updating to 1.55 is that the timer function turns itself of and resets itself ocationaly so that I have to turn it back on and set the time for counting back to 2 sec.
I use the timer in combination with MUP on longer exposures.
This never happend in the earlier version.

Are theese issues are a problem on the DF+ back?
What is the reason of launching a new camera before you even get the first model to work properly?
Are we DF-owner left behind in the dark with a prototype that is only halfway reliable?

My camera has been on service twice with complete replacement of "the brain" of the body, because of problems with the back-weel being in and out of function.
Just days after the last return (mid november) it failed again. Just once, but still.
Might it be the V-grip that causes this issue? The problem started after I bought the V-grip.

Would appreciate to hear if anyone else have some of the same problems.
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