Schneider 80 mm jammed Again

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Schneider 80 mm jammed Again

Postby HEIKO121 » Tue Sep 25, 2012 10:59 am

Hello Drew,
Since you lovked the discussion about jamming 80 mm lenses
I had to open a new one. Yes I sold my Phase One equipment. It is not possible to work with it professionaly, as long as you do not take two lenses of the same kind with you.
And regarding to the repair of the 80 mm lens I have tto tell that it dorsn't work after the repair. This causes me so much hassle and stress again cause i probably have to take it back.
You claim that you can't help any further because I sold it, but perhaps you can tell me and the rest of the community how such help could look like? Perhaps I send you the still not working lens so you can prove yourself that I'm not telling ****** here and prove that phase One offers some service at least?
Kind regards
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Re: Schneider 80 mm jammed Again

Postby Drew » Tue Sep 25, 2012 11:18 am

HEIKO121 wrote:...
And regarding to the repair of the 80 mm lens I have tto tell that it dorsn't work after the repair...

Again any Phase One Dealer should have explained to you that there is a 6 month repair warranty. If you received your lens and it was not properly working, any service to ensure functionality would have been done at no charge and would have been given priority for service due to the circumstances.

I would urge you to contact your dealer as the lens in question is still within this repair warranty.
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