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120 micro

PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 6:47 am
by NN108998UL
Hi, I am shooting jewelry with P30+ and mamiya645DF with 120 micro. Images are coming soft, Its not light difraction, what is the problem

Re: 120 micro

PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:22 am
by Paul_Steunebrink
Some kicks for a start.

- use manual focus, in case you have the AF version
- apply 'focus bracketing', that is that you make a sequence of images with a slightly different focus setting
- prevent stray light coming into the lens
- what aperture do you use
- use mirror lock-up

Last but not least, can you post an example? You can either make a file downloadable by posting a link to it or paste a link to a screenshot into a post (you have to place that screenshot online first, in a photo service, Dropbox or web site for example).

Re: 120 micro

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:08 pm
by NN634807565593583516UL
We received our new system last week: IQ160, 645DF, 120 MF, 110LS. We shoot jewelry exclusively here and it works perfectly right out of the box. Perhaps you've touched the eye-dipoter knob? Could maybe be something as silly as that. Otherwise, your lens might need some calibration if the above instructions didn't help?

Even at f20, diffraction plays little to harm the image from my initial tests.