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PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 10:24 am
by Drew
HEIKO121 wrote:You claim that the leaf shutter will work over 100000 actuations and do not repair mine after only 4000?
kind of ridiculous isnĀ“t it? And regarding to my new Nikon, there is a much bigger variety of lenses that you can carry with you and they do not cost a fortune. On top they do not cost fortunes for repairing them.
And they do not sell me "Schneider" lenses made in Japan.

Again, I apologize if there was a communication issue in regard to the repair policy of our hardware. If the 1 Year OR 100,000 Shutter Actuations (as outlined in the link above) was not clear at the time of your purchase then I can only now apologize and as you have sold your products I cannot offer anything further. As your lens was well over the 1 year term of the warranty, there was no coverage for your repair at the time of service but any cost certainly could have been evaluated after the repair was performed if you found it unsatisfactory. Again, as the equipment has been sold I cannot offer any further assistance in this regard.
As there seem to be some discrepancies listed in the forum regarding the cost of our repairs, services provide by Phase One, the shutter count you believe the lens to have had and the location of our hardware production I would kindly ask that you refrain from further posts on our forum as they do not seem to lend themselves to a constructive discussion.

I am again sorry if there was any confusion or misinformation regarding all the aspects listed above. I wish you luck with your Nikon system.