Mamiya 645AFD vs AFD II

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Mamiya 645AFD vs AFD II

Postby NNN634518215632074370 » Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:26 am

Hey everyone!

I was just wondering since I am looking to go to medium format digital would an AFD II be a big difference form the AFD I? I have read the difference between the two online for film, faster focusing and what not, but I would like to here from people that have used it with a digital back.

Also I had kind of a silly question, Is there anyway to have my Mamiya logo changed to Phase One?

Thanks for the help in advance !! :D
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Re: Mamiya 645AFD vs AFD II

Postby Ulf » Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:37 am


A short version history

Mamiya has made 645AF, 645AFD, 645AFDII, 645AFDIII and 645DF
Phase One version of this is 645AF which is equivalent to the AFDIII and the Phase One 645DF which is equivalent to the Mamiya 645DF

The origin Mamiya 645AF was a pure film camera and did have no digital adapted interface.
The 645AFD and AFDII does have a limited interface which contains basic functionality.
The 645AFDIII and DF has extended interface with body type recognition among other things.

What you will see it that AFD and AFDII will be more or less none supported in newer generation backs so I would suggest that you minimum get a Mamiya AFDIII / Phase One AF unless you want to use Leaf Shutter lenses where the DF is required.

Logo can not be changed as the serial number of the body would not match there brand of the body. Also in many cases the Phase One branded version have some extended warranties and services which the Mamiya version would not necessarily have.
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