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leaf aptus 65, metz 54 mz-4 flash

PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:28 pm
by NNN636408332929950240
I recently purchased the following components: Mamiya 645 afd ii camera, leaf aptus 65 (28mp) digital back, and Metz 54 mz-4 flash (not the mz-4i).

My question is how to connect the flash to the camera for ttl use. I know there is a metz hot shoe adapter 3951 and 3952. Some folks say both will work, others say the 3952 is the only one that will work with the digital back. Anyone have definitive knowledge on this?

Also, is there a pc sync cable option instead that will allow full ttl function with this setup?



Re: leaf aptus 65, metz 54 mz-4 flash

PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:16 am
by PhaseoneUser55657
The PC-Sync cable will only do flash, no TTL. You need an one of the adapters to do any kink of TTL.

Now, I have the 3952 and can tell you the TTL never worked very well. Very inconsistent, I thought after some investigation the issue with the TTL issue with the older MF cameras is that they were more calibrated for film reflection, not sensor reflection. Never tested shooting the same subject in same conditions using the TTL flash.