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Leaf Aptus 22 CF-Card issue

PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:39 pm
by NNN636371266123533487
Has anyone had problems with the Aptus 22 not recognising any CF-card? Even after formatting to FAT32 and only using the cards supported by the back. When the back is switched on it only says "insert a storage card" and the led blinks red. I contacted support and they basically said; tough luck...

So grateful for any advice.


Re: Leaf Aptus 22 CF-Card issue

PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:44 pm
by Ulf
Here is what cards are supported ... nguageid=1

Also note that they have to be formatted this way: ... nguageid=1

The back it self does not support full formatting so it has to be done on a computer.

Re: Leaf Aptus 22 CF-Card issue

PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:24 pm
by NNN636409030760515696
Hi, I have the same problem with my Aptus 22. I have formatted all the cards exactly the way it says in the instructions. Mine does not even tether with Leaf Capture any more. Please help!

Re: Leaf Aptus 22 CF-Card issue

PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:38 pm
by NN636465509322571184UL
Hi all!

my Aptus 17 has some problem: Insert a storage card

as that

Would anybody can help for that?

I'm tryed three CF (16, 16Gb and one old SanDisk Ultra II (15mb/s) 2Gb ) - unlucky

(all of them works with Sony A850, Nikon E800), and was full-formatted to Fat16 or Fat32 from PC via cardreader. No resolved...

Firmvare is newest. 29000 actuations. I bought this back with this issue, but I thinked this would be easy fixed by correct (old) cards and pre-formatting, but still not resolved yet.

The back I was disassembled fully - separated for all four plates. Looked up for the CF- place holder. All contacts as Ok, all smd elements too. No bents, frying or liquid spots, or corrosion. One from smd-capasitors was be mechanically cracked - near the screen's flex connector (I think, it from predecesser's handling, really not me). But I successfully was solder (replace) by another capasitor (such form-factor and color from Intel CPU \I has hundreds of them\). This was not any affect for the problem.

ps: I think, you are bought 22MP from KEH (as is, for parts), I'm the 17MP Aptus - from other seller \at spring of 2017\

Re: Leaf Aptus 22 CF-Card issue

PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 2:14 pm
by NN636120931488613958UL
Finally all you find the solution with a properly CF formatting? its not clear to me