Leaf Aptus II 6 connecting to Win8.1 issue

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Leaf Aptus II 6 connecting to Win8.1 issue

Postby shineofleo » Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:24 pm

My laptop is Dell M6600 which has a 1394a port. The system is Windows 8.1.
The camera is Mamiya AFDIII + Leaf Aptus II 6.
I used the latest DB version of Capture One 9.1.1.

I made the tehtering work, but sometimes it is just goes wrong, so I am trying my luck here and hope someone could help?

If I connect the DB first, then run the C1 software, everything seems working. After I connect the DB (right after windows is on), the DB orange led will keep flashing, then run the C1 software, DB shows 'waiting for tethering', after a few seconds, DB finds the C1 software and C1 finds the DB.

If I run the C1 first, however, then connect the camera, C1 will not be able to find the DB, showing "leafSDK connection error" in the event window; DB will be on, but on the screen showing "please insert storage card" but I have inserted CF card. If I close the C1, and try again, software mostly likely can find the DB, but after take a shot, DB will say something like "there is a file at the same name please rename", and refuse to do anything further. and no more shot can be taken and in the view finder it says "db busy", which actually is doing nothing.

I tried update the 1394 driver, but it seemed messed up. C1 will not be able to communicate with DB at all. After connected to 1394 port, DB just shows "please insert storage card". In this case, it seems the 1394 connection only provides the power, and block the CF in the DB. Actually I can power off the DB by pressing the power button! with 1394 connected!

Then I reinstalled C1, especially the leaf driver. Then everything went back to the situation I mentioned above.

This is my plan B because my new macbook pro (plan A) can not connect to the DB due to it only has thunderbolt, which has been discussed a lot here. Adapter is not working, and I am checking other powered 1394 solution, however the powered 1394 hub/repeater is hard to find today, and expensive.

However, my desktop PC, which has 1394b port (on PCIe expansion card), is running perfectly. I can run C1 first, then connect the DB and everything works all right.

So is it a "1394 can not output enough power on laptop" happening again even on my M6600 laptop? It is a work station laptop so I guess the power should be enough...

For my Plan C, I can buy a cheaper used macbook pro which has firewire 800 (1394b) port, but if all the laptop is not working, this plan C will not work anyway...

I don't want to use my desktop now because if it is a field job it is ridiculous...

I know these are all old stuff, but any comment on my three plans, is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!
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Re: Leaf Aptus II 6 connecting to Win8.1 issue

Postby shineofleo » Sun Apr 10, 2016 8:21 pm

Sorry, just update myself... after another a few tests.

I made some mistake previously so I think I need to clarify.

* It seems my laptop behaves the same as my desktop PC. So some issue may not be laptop-specific.
* Connect camera first (and then run C1). The camera (mine is AFDIII) must be on, the plug the firewire cable, or the DB would still show 'insert storage card' problem. This can not be fixed by switching camera on afterwards (perhaps because the back is not smart enough), if a mistake is made, you have to start over by rebooting the computer.
* Start C1 first then switch on camera first then connect the cable: No this will not solve the tethering issue. C1 will still not find the DB.
* The desktop can not find the DB (camera on first, then connect) after C1 is running. So I have no idea how it works last time...

So basically, Aptus II is not smart enough, so you have to:

0, power on the laptop, which has an internal 1394 port. I have not got my 1394 powered repeater/hub so no chance to test new macbook pro with thunderbolt.
1, switch on the camera
2, connect the cable
3, start the C1 software

In this sequence tethering should be all right.
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