Hassel 503CW & Aptus 75 misfires, color cast and color lines

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Hassel 503CW & Aptus 75 misfires, color cast and color lines

Postby NNN634758084811211079 » Sun Dec 21, 2014 7:19 pm

Good evening,

I´ve been using an Hasselblad 503CW and Winder with a Leaf Aptus 75 digital back, and had no problem in the past year, year and a half using it.

This week I started to have a lot of misfires, the image never reached the computer, and some color casts, color strips and color lines. It started small, with the misfires, but then it gradually reached the zenith on friday, with, pretty much, 50 or 60% of the images being misfires, or color issue related.

I´ve read that there has been some problems with Hasselblad V cameras and digital backs, with some people pointing to problematic pc cords and syncs on the lenses to be the source of the problem.

Has I said previously, I´m using a 503CW plus winder, with a pc cord from lens to back, and a sync cord from winder to back.

I´ve done some tests today, to try to understand the source of the problem, but it was inconclusive (at least to me). Changed fire wires (no solution), increased iso, exposure... I had no misfires, but had all the other problems. It started clean, than the lines appeared, the casts, etc, then they stopped...

I don´t know what the source of the problem is, and if anyone knows, or have been in a similar situation with the same gear, please share with me.

I´ve replaced firewire cables, batteries on the winder (they were running low and it seemed to have improved after the change of batteries), but it is all hypothetical to me... Is it the computer, the firewire, the pc cord, the sync cord, the lens pin, the leaf itself.....

I had never had anything like this, so persistent and so disturbing, so I´m a little bit lost on what to think.

Ps. I´ve been using an old CF, with some years on it. The studio is stone walled, dark, cold, and has humidity problems... can it be damaging the back?

They are not consecutive, it can affect 4 pictures in a row, and disappear from 4 more, and return, and stop completely for an hour.

Here are some examples from today:

pic host

image hosting site

upload a picture

image hosting site no sign up

screen shot on windows

upload photo

screen shot windows

screen grab

Best regards,
Diogo Sousa
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Re: Hassel 503CW & Aptus 75 misfires, color cast and color lines

Postby Drew » Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:44 am

These seem to be a few different errors.
The ones with the lines seem to be related to either a bad cable, firewire port or failing back component.

The others are timing errors between the back/body and can likely be avoided with some adjustment to workflow.

That said, perhaps this mix of issues is a good indication of something else is the root cause. That, most likely and most commonly, is inadequate power in the back. I would suggest that you introduce an externally powered Firewire hub first to see if performance improves. If not, I would then suggest you contact your Leaf Dealer to have the back evaluated.
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