H1/H2 camera trade in for Phase 1 camera deal

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H1/H2 camera trade in for Phase 1 camera deal

Postby Santiago11 » Fri Jan 25, 2008 7:11 pm

Just a thought here...
I imagine that once the P1 camera starts shipping, many H1/H2 users may want to switch to the new system. Phase One has been aquiring a number of H cameras to offer their users continuing future support (having a H1/H2 and Phase One back). This is obviously great news. My thought is... it would be fantastic if P1 would offer some kind of trade in deal for those who wish to do a full switch. By doing this, not only will P1 attract more customers, but their H1/H2 camera and parts supply will grow even more and will thus increase their ability to continue to support remaining H1/H2 users.
Any thoughts? Rumors?
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