P45 & shift lens

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P45 & shift lens

Postby thowi » Wed Dec 12, 2007 3:45 pm

I think about purchasing a 45mm shift lens (for contax 645) with P45.

In general shift lenses should stopped down at about f11.
On the other hand the small pixels of the P45 lead to diffraction softness theoretically starting between f8 and f11. In practice it's noticeable as a slight (inconsiderably) loss of contrast at f11 but f16 is fully usable too (my point of view).
In addition the digital back has less DOF compared to film (at least 1 stop, maybe 2).
So I understand that I at least have to stop down the shift lens to f16 with the P45 but still have an extremely reduced DOF, is that right?

Anyone who has (or tested) a shift lens with P45? Who can agree or disagree?

Thank you!
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