Sandisk trouble free replacement ? WRONG !!

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Sandisk trouble free replacement ? WRONG !!

Postby Brian711 » Thu Oct 25, 2007 1:08 am

I contacted Sandisk after we established one of their 2Gb Extreme 3 cards was faulty. We have a shed full split between Lexar & Sandisk all bought over the last two years or so. Sandisk asked us to contact Hama, a UK distributor, for a replacement. Hama said OK but we want £10 !! WHAT ? If you haven't got a receipt that's what you will have to pay.
It would take some searching to find a receipt for the card but why should this be an issue if the card is genuine ??

The last of a series of emails to Sandisk:
.........I purchased the card from a reputable source in the UK and it is a genuine card. If it has a lifetime warranty there should be no question regarding replacement. I have given you my company's web address so you know I am a genuine professional user, business sense would suggest you are likely to get more signifcant sales from me than a domestic user. There really should be no problem replacing the card. I am not prepared to waste any more of my time pursuing this however I will make a final posting on the Phase One website to make people aware of the situation. Sandisk have obviously entered into some form of promotional partnership with Phase One - I assume you know who this is - it is only right to make other users aware of my situation. The web address for the users forum of Phase One is:

The end of Sandisk's last email: would have to send the card to us and this issue would be escalated to our corporate offices for them to decide whether or not to replace the card. With that being said you would be responsible for send the card to us.

Best Regards,
Marlon H.
Sandisk Technical Support

So there you go will I be buying any more Sandisk flashcards ? No, will Lexar get my business ? YOU BET !!
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