will a macbook 2009 power my P25 tethered??

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will a macbook 2009 power my P25 tethered??

Postby NNN637332725660759086 » Mon Aug 17, 2020 1:53 pm

i really need this to work.

can the Firewire400 of a 2009 macbook power the P25 on location?
if i need something to make this work, what would that be?
i am talking on loaction no power supplies besides the p25 batteries and the macbook batteries.

can i simply start the back on its battery and than plug in the macbook in order to keep the back running on battery while stroring/live view/previewing on the macbook?
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Re: will a macbook 2009 power my P25 tethered??

Postby Jon » Mon Aug 17, 2020 7:17 pm

It will not power the back in any reliable manner. The P25 (non + version) has an early version of power management such that if there is tethered power present of any amount the back will attempt to power from the firewire and ignore the on board battery. The P25+ has a menu setting to select battery power only.

To make sure the P25 uses only the battery when tethered, you need to remove power from the Firewire signal. In the past this was done with a "no-power" firewire adapter which was a female port on one end and a male on the other, but in between the cables that handle firewire power were clipped. As an alternative you can also use a 6pin to 4pin to 6pin firewire adapter, which will also remove the power from the line.

Lastly you can use a power hub to proved power, but of course that assumes you have a power source for the hub
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