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P25+ Tier One Repair - RMA#217977!!

PostPosted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 6:14 pm
by NNN637068499669447400
I purchased a 'Demo Model' P25+ from Bear Images, in Palo Alto, CA, in late August of 2014. SN The P25+ had 20 exposures on it when I received it (according to the menu), and I have put @ 700 exposures on it myself. Within a month of ownership I started getting "Image not saved. Corrupted before transfer" messages, and the back would constantly not save the exposure. Then I started getting, "Internal Memory Failure. Contact Support! (#42)".

I have sent the back to Phase One US Inc, in Melville, NY for repair and have now been notified via Bear Images that my P25+, "will require a Tier 1 repair, which is a full service; cost will be $2,400 + return shipping. Notes from service indicated that circuit boards associated with CF storage and Firewire need to be replaced."

Now, it goes without saying that I feel a little taken advantage of when a device I have owned for just over a month suddenly develops such critical damage it needs $3,000USD in repairs.

I have phoned Phase One US Inc., to do my due diligence and got hung up on by the phone system... twice. I finally left a message with a random sales associate that the phone system bumped me to.

Can you please tell me if this repair is going to solve the issues - and not be an unreliable 'frankenstein' of parts, and why I should be on the hook for $3k of repairs for a device that was obviously either defective from the manufacturer, or was damaged by the retailer. This has cost me work and time, on top of the money spent. I'd really appreciate some answers directly from Phase One, not via the third party of the retailer.

Thank you.

Re: P25+ Tier One Repair - RMA#217977!!

PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 11:25 am
by Ulf
You can contact us at anytime on
And you can of course contact Bear Images as well.

I did look up you camera back and it was produced in 2008.
So it is an 11 year old camera back.