Moved from the Capture Oneon OSX forum under PhaseOne advice

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Moved from the Capture Oneon OSX forum under PhaseOne advice

Postby sanzari » Tue Mar 13, 2007 6:23 pm

On the advice of PhaseOne i moved this thread to P Series although it is about Capture One Pro as there appears to be more creatives here using styles and profiles than anywhere else.

Styles is personal, there is a secret sauce associated, but Walter at focus claimed he invented styles and set up some samples like 70's etc. So I would guess others have been inventing since.

I know that creativity is personal and that photographers like to keep their secrets but programs like Photoshop have grown on the sharing of information. Now everyman and his dog is writing add ons, plugins, filters etc, so does C1 PRo need this approach ???

Walter at Focus talked about a training course he was putting together with a few add ons to C1 PRO. I think the idea was to revisit styles from a creative point of view yet i search the web for ideas and style downloads and there is nothing.

Perhaps I have found a hole in the system ?? Anyone else ????

Am I alone in my request for knowledge and sharing ? Or is the PhaseOne P series back so great no comment is the answer. ! :-)

I know the basics now after one weekend but must confess could only get the colourpicker to change the image slightly, I was imaginging i could get pastel blue skies darker etc, but changes seem only subtle, is this correct ?

Anyway now I am a proud owner and still chocking at the cost, this is the only non phaseone resource I could find for creativity. Can anyone else share ??

I appreciate we all want to be different and in fact need to be but a basic creative start is what i was looking for. I took the 70's effect and made it more sinister, but wondered what other ideas people had for styles or profles ??

or indeed did anyone have any they wanted to post ??

thanks to all and thanks to phaseone for making a cool tool, looking forward to the lightning fast V4 in June 07.

thanks forum in advance.
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