Request HDR or double exposure for Phase-One

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Request HDR or double exposure for Phase-One

Postby fabrizio cicconi » Sun Feb 04, 2007 10:12 am

I have an answer and a request...:
Is it possible in tthe future ( I hope Soon) have the possibility to make a doubble exposure with P Back?
I make internal and light design pictures where there are different light sorgent, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Color ligth and window light.
With the film I made multy exposure with 4x5 camera, with different filter to have a correct WB...
Now I have to work a lot in post-prod. I don't like it, above all becouse I have to work with 2 Software C1P and Photoshop... and I need more time after the shooting day work that nobody pay me, becouse one time I made it in the shooting day and I gave the slide perfect to the client..
I would like use only ONE... easy and fast, or make the multy exposure with the back.
Thank you
My best.
fabrizio cicconi
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