P45&raw format

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P45&raw format

Postby emiliano1 » Mon Jun 19, 2006 4:58 pm

Shooting in Raw with 3.7.4 and a P45 gives me the possibility to have previews coming faster on the screen when tethered like in 3.1. I don't have a pixelated preview with no settings coming first and needing time to become viewable like when shooting in L or S.
The problem is that the only way to set up ther P45 to shoot in Raw is by plugging an H25 first on 3.7.4 choose the raw compatible with 3.0,quit and plug the P45.
If I plug the P45 directly the preferences do not alloud me to choose raw. I can only choose L or S and the Raw option is grey and not choosable.
any suggestions?

thank you
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