'ratings' field exportable as metadata

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'ratings' field exportable as metadata

Postby peter8 » Thu Mar 30, 2006 4:58 pm

Was just wondering if anyone else would find the ratings field useful as exportable meta data based on the five star system.

I have clients that do thier selections on capture one, but get home from a weeks shoot and have no way of knowing thier selections when they open thier files inanother APP. I have to make sure we use the same application, which is not always possible with new clients.

I have submitted a similar topic on adobe in the hope that this field will become a core field in metadata across all applications used for image selection !

With more tools beocming available and the use of metadata widespread, i don't understand why this field has been left out, when it is in my mind one of the key pieces of data that needs to be carried with an image?

I look forward to comments.
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