Brainstorming - the ideal studio setup - input appreciated

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Brainstorming - the ideal studio setup - input appreciated

Postby Michael Grøn » Sun Dec 19, 2004 5:48 pm

I am about to set up a studio for combined portrait and commercial shooting and I would welcome any input on the ideal configuration for a computerised workflow.

My basic idea is to have some kind of network with

a) a capture computer dedicated to the tethered shooting with a monitor to check results.

Captures should be stored on a centralised server from which

b) a processing workstation can access captures for adjustment and development

c) a customer display computer for selecting/showing captures.

d) a server for storing all captures and back up

c) ideally, a computer for printing

I plan to use Portrait One Manager and Portrait One Sales.

Does this appear to be a sensible setup? Am I missing something? Is this an overkill? Can this be done smarter?

I would appreciate an input from more experienced photographers - both with regard to the general setup and suggestions for configurations.

Regards Michael
Michael Grøn
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