Sekor D lens and AFD II info

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Sekor D lens and AFD II info

Postby NNN637562455803257791 » Mon May 10, 2021 11:18 am

Hello everyone, I would like to know if the 80mm AF Sekor D is compatible with my AFDII, I took a new one but after two shots the film does not proceed and I get error 6. no problem with the previous version 80mm AF
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Re: Sekor D lens and AFD II info

Postby Hepcat » Wed May 12, 2021 2:15 pm

After seeing your post, I took MY S-K 80mm D LS lens and mounted it on MY AFDII, and found that it wouldn't auto-focus. I'd never mounted that lens on that body before as I have the old standard Mamiya 80mm for it also. The focus confirmation light system worked fine, but AF wouldn't. The lens performs as designed on both my DF and XF. I don't know what the 'official' Mamiya/Phase One position is on using the lens on the AFDII, but the D LS lens with the two rows of contacts won't operate as designed on MY particular AFDII body. I'm not sure what that means for the non-LS version of the lens, but the standard 80mm Mamiya lens operates and focuses as designed on the AFDII.

I did not get an error message, however, I also didn't actually make any exposures. Does the error message clear if you mount a different lens? I think I'd open a support case with Phase One for the error code and see what they say.

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