LS lens 'working' vs 'supported' on th AFD III?

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LS lens 'working' vs 'supported' on th AFD III?

Postby Jan O. » Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:32 pm

Please note, This post is not an attack. It is purely a question for a clear answer about the distinction between working and supporting. If this is aggressive to you, please note that it was not my intention to do so.
Also note that English is not my primary language. I tried my best to make correct sentences but I may have made some mistakes. I wrote it with good intentions.

Hello everyone,

I know a 'similar' question has been asked before in many topics. The answer being: not 'supported'. So let us change the question a little bit. But first the reasons why I ask.

1) It could be a waste of money to buy the 'D' version as well as the 'LS D' version if you want to shoot Analog (AFD III) and digital (DF or DF+) with a sharp lens and have at least the 'option' to use the leaf shutter (on the DF or DF+).

2) In a review on luminous-landscape the reviewer noted the following:
"Please note that the leaf shutter lenses will also work on older firmware-updated 645AF and 645AFDIII models, but without the 1/1600 top sync speed."

The question is, is it true that LS lenses work on the AFD III (WITHOUT the leaf shutter feature) when a certain update is installed and if so, which version should be installed to do so.

To be clear, lets define 'work' as being able to change aperture and have autofocus (instead of being able to use every feature of the lens). This definition makes for me the difference between 'work' and 'support'.

I hope someone can give a good explained and defined answer.
Jan O.
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Re: LS lens 'working' vs 'supported' on th AFD III?

Postby NNN635934946108963955 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:07 pm


It would be also very interesting for me. I also own the AFDIII and would like to invest in newer lenses and keep the ability to shoot on film.

so if anyone knows the answer or can try it, that would be great. I'm very interstet in the 55mm LS D version from Mamiya

As I understood from all forums, the "D" versions should work down to the AFDII.

I just found this notes on the AFD series and the lenses: ... a-645.html
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