Frontfocus with Phase One AF and Phase One 45mm

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Frontfocus with Phase One AF and Phase One 45mm

Postby NN634919421892869902UL » Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:03 pm

Hello everybody!

I´m quite new to this forum but perhaps someone knows help. I have a focus problem with a newly purchased USED Phase 45mm lens. I´m Using the Phase AF with filmbacks. I also own a Phase 80mm/2,8 and a Mamiya 150mm/3,5 AF. After some testing it seems, that the new 45mm has a front focus of about 1cm at a distance of about 80cm. I tested with a focus testchart. The other lenses are spot on. The 45mm seems very sharp across the whole frame if stopped down to f8 so it is defenetly usable but my question is:

is it possible to correct this frontfokus issue on the lens without changing the whole system?

Any advice is much apreciated!

Best regards, Sebastian
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Re: Frontfocus with Phase One AF and Phase One 45mm

Postby Ulf » Thu Feb 20, 2020 6:28 am

With newer cameras you can fine tune focus for each lens.
But the Phase One AF / Mamiya AFDIII is simply too old to have this feature.
Best option would to send in the lens for service which can be handled through your local Phase One partner.
Contact information can be found here:
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