very slow response time

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very slow response time

Postby NNN634752651967070134 » Wed Sep 10, 2014 9:14 am

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie with Capture One.

I use a MacPro (2 CPU quad Core @2,26GHz / 32GB RAM / SSD 1TB) and Capture One 6.4.5 64bits. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III in CR2.

I'm pretty sure that my hardware configuration should me more than enough but Capture One is very very slow ! Do you have any advice on where do I start looking to solve my problem ?

Is there any cache folder I should move to the SSD disk ? What about the pre visualization CO seems to be working on, is there any way to stop it temporarily ?

Thank you for your precious answers !!
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Re: very slow response time

Postby Drew » Wed Sep 10, 2014 12:31 pm

I'd suggest you provide some more specifics about your workflow.

Things like; where your RAW files are saved, how many RAW files to a folder, adjustments applied/being applied, location of the session, System OS, Graphic Card, etc.

Although your system is rather robust, it is also 5 years old. It's possible that years of OS upgrades have taken their toll and a new installation will help and perhaps not all of those RAM cards are operating as they once did. The Processors are good, but certainly not the best when compared to today's hardware. For example a MacBook Pro from last year will likely outperform that system now.
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Re: very slow response time

Postby brianmerwin » Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:16 pm

NNN634752651967070134 wrote:I'm pretty sure that my hardware configuration should me more than enough but Capture One is very very slow ! Do you have any advice on where do I start looking to solve my problem ?

Although Drew's recommendations are spot-on (and having a machine dedicated to capture, and retouching with nothing else installed makes a HUGE difference) unfortunately I found that my MacPro (2.8Ghz 8-Core, 32GB of Ram, SSD etc) just wasn't cutting it either.

Basically your processor and RAM are probably enough for most operations but what it comes down to are other bottlenecks that aren't really upgradeable. Making sure you're shooting to an SSD is a huge help, and you likely want an upgraded video card... but ultimately for me it came down to bus speed of the motherboard.

The motherboard bus speed on even the most low-end macbook pros on the market now was completely blowing away my MacPro tower that I had totally maxed out (with the exception of installing a $500+ graphics card upgrade).

There's nothing you can do about that particular spec aside from buying a new machine. Even a mid-range iMac would be a massive improvement for you (I can't recommend an iMac because the display is basically impossible to calibrate, but you could make it work).

Ultimately that's what I ended up doing. I've got a MacbookPro as a backup, and a DarthVader/TrashCan MacPro for my main machine and it absolutely screams, even when shooting digital medium format cameras that are spitting out 60-100mb RAW files. I've gone from minutes and minutes of render time to seconds even on quite large files.
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