Correct procedure to create ICC Profile

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Correct procedure to create ICC Profile

Postby Alessandro_V » Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:40 pm


I am trying to figure out what is the correct procedure to create an ICC Profile for my camera.

Basically, what I've been doing is:
- I've taken a picture of a ColorChecker24 target with my camera (EOS 5D mkII)
- Processed the image with Capture One leaving in the Quick Panel:
1 - ICC Profile: "Canon EOS-5D MkII-Generic";
2 - Curve: "Film Standard";
3 - "ProPhoto ICC Profile" embedd in the image when processed.
- I have subsequently created the new ICC profile with a third party program which compared the image captured with my camera and processed in Capture One with the reference file of the target.

Now, the problem that I am obviously experimenting (but I can solve...) is that if I now select the new ICC Profile that I've just created in the Quick Panel instead of the "Canon EOS-5D MkII-Generic" colors go crazy...

What I would like to achieve is to be able to shoot and see directly the colors corrected in Capture One without having to process them with "Canon EOS-5D MkII-Generic" and embedding "ProPhoto" for then assigning the new ICC Profile that I have created with the target later on in Photoshop...

Thank you very much for your help!
I am sorry if I've might said some stupid/obvious things but I am relatively new to the use of ICC Profiles and even if I am making my best effort to study I am sure I am missing a lot of things...

My best,

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