Phase One Certified Professional Training

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Phase One Certified Professional Training

Postby Jon » Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:19 pm

If you've been reading the forum lately you may have seen some users with the Phase One Certified Professional logo next to their names and wondered: "What is this? How do I get that logo as well?"

In short the logo signifies that the user has successfully been through our Phase One Certified Professional (POCP) training program and passed the certification exam.

About the Program
The Phase One Certified Professional training program is designed to give working digital techs the training and skills they need to confidently work with Phase One software and cameras on the most demanding of jobs. It is not just another sales presentation under the guise of a "training seminar." What it is is an advanced course designed for working professionals taught by Phase One Technical Support staff, all of which have years of experience on-set.

Training takes place over a two day period encompassing everything from efficient on-set workflow to troubleshooting to advanced software techniques. At the end of two days it culminates with a certification exam. Those who pass the exam are given the title of Phase One Certified Professional and listed in the official database.

In order to make sure those attending are qualified for this advanced level training, it is required that students first complete an online pre-course covering the basics of Phase One cameras and Capture One software.

Other included perks are:
  • Capture One for Phase One
  • Access to POCP private forum*
  • Listing in the Certified Professional Database*
  • Use of official logo on promotional materials*
  • Official Certificate*
  • Access to Phase One premium tech support for Capture One as well as Phase One camera systems
  • Exclusive printed troubleshooting field guide

*requires a passing grade on the certification exam.

For training dates and additional info please see the POCP site and Facebook page:
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