C1 3.78 file managing

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C1 3.78 file managing

Postby Raffi3 » Sun Apr 19, 2009 7:58 am

Hello folks,

I have a simple question. Here is my setup, and this is what I want to do...

I shoot tethered with the Phase back.
I use the Mac to capture.
The folder on the Mac is SHARED, and so the files open on a remote system which is a PC.
Everything actually works FINE, until I get to moving files.
I want to MOVE my files from the Mac to the proper organized folders on the PC.
I tried the "MOVE TO FOLDER" today, and I said to copy, as I like to be sure everything copied over and like to have dupes on hand until after I finish(copy on the MAC and one on PC).
After I copied over and I did my thing, I wanted to delete the ones in the Capture folder on the MAC to do my good house keeping...but it DELETED the files in the MOVE TO FOLDER on the PC!!

The Q...
How do I simply MOVE or COPY files to different folders...like I do in File Manager on the PC?

I really like C1, for its simple straight forward use and the processing. BUT why is the file managing so differnt from using the PC file management.

One other reason I setup a new machine for editing the Phase files, and moved the shoots to the PC is because I cannot stand using the MAC folder session file manager within C1. It is so out of the norm for me, I could not figure it out.

Any simple breakdown or help on this is appreciated. Yes I tried the manual and help, but it just jumps around and you cant pin one topic down without having to look else where and try making a connection in thought. Ok its not that bad, but it doesnt tell you you have to change the way you think in order to use the software for managing files.

The sad part is I am often the guy who gets calls with tech Q's on the computers ... And I am able to be helpful.

Back to the files deleted....So now I retrieved my files out of the TRASH and moved them back to the MoveTOFOLDEr, and now I have a set in the trash and in the MoveToFolder. This thing doesnt move anything! And now I dont know what to trust deleting.

I just need to move files, would it work if I simply move the files in Windows File Manager? I was under the impression that the thumbnails or tweaks(sometimes I make on the MAC when previewing) or other associated files will not show up or move? I have my settings to Show some system files (not sure if this relates).

I can keep writing, but I think someone can help from this point .

I dont want to loose my files, any help appreciated. I was even planning to upgrade to the newer version in the next 6 months , but I cant even get this figured out, Who knows what else is added changed on top of something basic.
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Re: C1 3.78 file managing

Postby Raffi3 » Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:49 pm

ok, I have understood that I can move the files via the move to function. When you have the folder view open on the left, it doesn't allow you to "rightclick" on the folder you want and assign it as the Move to Folder. I have to sort 400 images to about 40 folders. There has got to be an easier way for me to move the files around.

I had posted a couple times before, and I had no one reply.
Wonder if there are mods on the forum to address unanswered Q's?

Capture folder is shared to the editing stations. from there they are decided as to what purpose they can serve and need to be sorted according. then edited.

if I can do it via other apps, I dont have a problem as long as I don't confuse C1.

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Re: C1 3.78 file managing

Postby Raffi3 » Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:39 am

I made some test files that didn't matter if I lost them......And it looks like you can Just COPY /PASTE them within ACDSee, or likely any other file browser!!

I have been told by my sales rep that you cannot, etc...

weird. I can simply manage the folders and move the files around in Explorer or a file browser, and then C1 is seeing the files in the folder files were moved to.

I wonder why I have been under the impression that I cannot do this? perhaps it was only referring to the C1 app's abilities?
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